GSO Requirements


A president (or chief student leader) and treasurer (or finance officer) are the only required student positions for recognized student organizations. Other officer positions, however, may (and should) be officially listed on your organization’s roster so that they may access the information and resources that are available through Crimson Connection and SILP.


The organization is required to have at least one advisor who is a full time faculty or staff employee of NMSU. There are situations where allowances may be made for graduate students and/or affiliated coordinators to serve in the advising role with an additional NMSU faculty or staff member serving in a secondary capacity, but those will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Director of SILP on a case by case basis.


The officers of the organization must be full time students (graduate or undergraduate) registered for the current semester at the main campus of NMSU.

Governing Documents

Every student organization will be required to upload the most recent version of the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws for review by Student Involvement and Leadership Programs. (Formerly Campus Activities). The organization will be contacted if any changes to the governing documents are needed. For new organizations or organizations changing their constitutions independently, email for a checklist of components required to be included in an organization’s constitution/bylaws or to request a template for developing governing documents.