The GSC organizes and receives reports from multiple committees run by members of the GSC.

Standing Committees: These committees are required for the regular functioning of the GSC and form automatically every year.
  • Executive Committee:
    • Membership of the Executive Committee includes the GSC Executives and the GSC adviser.
    • The Executive Committee is responsible for representing the GSC to the NMSU administration, overseeing enforcement of the GSC bylaws, recommending policy changes or decisions to the GSC membership, setting agendas for GSC meetings, coordinating the activities of GSC, and hearing grievances and appeals.
  • Finance Committee:
    • Membership on the Finance Committee includes the GSC VP and Treasurer and is open to all members of the GSC.
    • The Finance Committee is responsible for evaluating applications for funding and determining the level of funding to award GSO’s and their members from the GSC general account.
Special Committees: These committees are formed to address specific needs of the GSC and must be re-established every academic year as needed.