GSO Recognition & Re-recognition

To have your Graduate Student Organization (GSO) recognized for the first time or to renew your Graduate Student Organizations Recognition (re-charter), the latest information is here:

Below are the Requirements for Recognition:

Organizations are required to renew their recognition on yearly basis during September of the current academic year. This will be accomplished by the president or chief student leader completing all of the elements of the recognition process in Crimson Connection, the advisor completing the Annual Advisor Agreement Form, also found in Crimson Connection, and the Recognized Student Organization chief student leader or president completing the Risk Management Training Quiz.

Three (3) requirements to be an ROS (Recognized Student Organization)

  1. Complete the Registration/Re-Registration process.
  2. Have the Advisor complete the Advisor Agreement Form found in the forms section of Crimson Connection.
  3. Complete the Risk Management Training Quiz found in the forms section of Crimson Connection.

Once the Recognition forms have been completed, the Student Involvement and Leadership Programs will verify the documents are in compliance with the Administrative Policies and Procedures of New Mexico State University. The Student Organization will be considered in good standing once the Recognition Forms submitted in Crimson Connection have been approved by a member of the SILP staff.

Email with any questions about this process!