Welcome to the new GSC website!

Welcome to the new GSC website!

After many years of faithful service we’re saying goodbye to our old website at http://web.nmsu.edu/~wwwgsc. I’ve ported almost all of the old information onto the pages here, with the exception of the “Advice” page which was simply a (very old) list of local restaurants and grocery stores catering to people with dietary restrictions. I’ve also yet to add information about graduate health insurance or the “Pay Gap” campaign, but my intention is to include that information in upcoming posts.

We hope the more modern features available through the NMSU wordpress account will make this new website more accessible and useful than the old static version. One potentially helpful feature is the GSC google calendar that I’m now maintaining. This is integrated throughout the website, and you can find instructions for how to add GSC events to your own personal google calendar here. I’m especially looking forward to working with this new system rather than having to modify html files by hand.

If you have any comments or suggestions for ways to improve this new website please email me with your thoughts. This website is for you, and I can only make it easier for you to use if I know what you need.

Yours online,

Sam Schonfeld

GSC Webmaster

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