Election Voter Guide

This page will be updated with candidate information for our Spring 2020 elections for the 2020-2021 GSC Executive Team. Please send nominations for positions to President Jonathan Ortiz. For information on the duties of each position, please see our election information page.

Vice President of Activities Candidates

Adan Campos

My name is Adan Campos and I am a new graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an undergraduate student, I worked as a Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF) for three semesters in which I was a TA for the ENG 100 class providing weekly workshops for students and worked at the Engineering Learning Community as a tutor. I was part of the Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) program in which I worked as a research assistant with a graduate student for three semesters. Finally, I was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for four semesters where I was elected E-Council Representative during my first semester. Then, I was elected VicePresident in which I coordinated community services for every member and helped the President with any tasks needed. Finally, I was elected President of the organization in which I oversaw every officer to complete their tasks as well as the two teams in which the club was divided (Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe team). I coordinated our travel to the annual regional conference in which our chapter won third place overall. I also worked for the engineering industry with Cummins for one semester in which I worked with multiple projects at once.

I will be great for the Vice President of Activities position because I am confident I can fulfill every task needed. I am capable of coordinating with other people towards the organization of the Graduate Research and Arts Symposium together with other events associated with it. I am reliable hard worker, organized, responsible, and can manage my time effectively while working in multiple projects at the same time. I am eager to learn and take more leadership opportunities from new experiences.

Esmaiil Mokarighahroodi

I think I can be an appropriate candidate for this position because of my previous experience. I have been the president of Iranian organization. I managed several events during my presidency time such as Persian new year which is a big event in the Iranian community.

Katia Vargas de la Cruz

Venkata Tejaswi Pacherla

I am a graduate student in the industrial engineering department here at NMSU, and I am interested in participating in GSC nominations for Vice president of activities. I always wanted to be a part of GSC to learn different perspectives of individuals and cultural diversity that helps me in growing myself in personal and professional life. I was part of the Indian student association as a volunteer, and I have been involved in many extra circular activities on and off-campus. I led the designing committee in Roshini last year, a cultural event organized by ISA that hosts up to 500 people. My team and I implemented a unique idea of creating a Memory wall, where pictures of students and alumni of ISA taken in the past ten years, were printed and kept to remind the happy moments and how ISA can bring a diverse group of people together. The event was deemed successful, and I have recognized for my organizational work. Given an opportunity as vice president of activities, I will bring my diverse experience and innovative ideas to execute the tasks of GSC.

Ashish Kodam

This is Ashish Kodam, you can call me Ashish. I am a grad student in computer science. I’ve enrolled during the spring 2020 term. My hobbies include playing cricket, basketball, and gardening (I even have a small space for myself in the Gomez garden where I grow vegetables). I prefer being fit always and work out on a regular basis. I am interested designing efficient frontend services for users across the globe. Sometimes you can also find me taking long and purposeless walks in the campus.

Gabriel Duran Jr

My name is Gabriel Duran Jr, I am in my final two semesters of the MPA program at NMSU. I am a CEO of a nonprofit I created in 2018 which works to strengthen families in New Mexico to combat poverty, crime, and education downfalls. I also run local businesses and work with state and local government officials. Some of my most notable leadership skills derived from my military experience, where I was appointed squad leader and platoon guide before I was injured during my deployment, however, my most important leadership role my role as a father to my beautiful children. My plans after graduation involve New Mexico legislation. I look forward to meeting with you all soon!


ASNMSU Senator Candidates

Deblina Misra

Jimoh Fatoki

My name is Jimoh Fatoki, a PhD student in the Department of Management, College of Business. Coming from Nigeria in Africa, and having participated in different activities within the NMSU campus, I consider the work of an ASNMSU Senator as a critical assignment that adds to the social dimensions of NMSU student life. I, therefore, aim to dedicate time and effort to all issues relating to NMSU Graduate Students and hopefully work with other Senators to impact positively toward meeting the needs of the students.

I believe I have the requisite leadership attributes needed to serve efficiently as an ASNMSU Senator: hard work and dedication to duties, positive energy and right motivational approach to tasks, and innovative skills and ability to work in a team. Importantly, my good listening skills which make me show empathy toward the needs of people that I serve will be invaluable for this position.

Interestingly, these attributes have been put to the test in previous leadership positions that I have served in my former academic University – University of Ibadan, Nigeria. In 2011, I was the Speaker of Technology and Engineering Students Association (TESA) of Faculty of Technology, working with the executives to represent about 1,000 students. Similarly, in 2014-15 during my Master program in the same University, as the Speaker of New Postgraduate Hall, I oversaw the welfare of over 750 students residing in the hostel. During this period, I was also a member of the Welfare Committee of the Student Union Government (SUG) of the University where I actively worked with other members in improving the welfare of students residing in 12 Halls of Residence with a total capacity of about 8,000 students.

The leadership skills and previous student-related leadership positions briefly highlighted in the foregoing paragraph often required long hours of meetings and deliberations on issues such as appropriating bills for students, organizing activities, and making resolutions of matters concerning the students’ welfare; all of which were performed diligently with laudable achievements. I believe the numerous experiences I gathered from these student leadership roles put me in good stead as the best candidate for the position of ASNMSU Senator.

Shammi Gandhi

After earning my degrees in Economics and Education from India, I entered the academic world in 2006 to explore on my passion for teaching. In addition, to my primary job duties, I was recognized by college authorities for my commitment to work towards overall growth of institution and students at the College of Education in Punjab, INDIA such as,

  1. Initiated, led and organized programs such as annual function, talent hunt programs, student internships and community welfare programs like ‘community cleaning’.
  2. Organized educational trips for students at various places in India.
  3. Provided training to Bachelor of Education students for teaching at Middle school level.
  4. Organized a Blood Donation Camp in Nawanshahr, Punjab and participated in various social events, such as spreading awareness about “Dangers of taking Drugs”, “Girls Education”, Importance of Education” held at various places in Sangrur, Punjab, INDIA from 2005 to 2009.
  5. Tutored undergraduate level Economics, Math and Statistics courses to students in need.

While working as a Graduate Research Assistant during my MBA and as a Program Specialist afterwards in the Department of Public Health and Sciences at NMSU

1) I developed strategies to promote dual degree program of Master’s in public health and Master’s in Social Work to outreach communities in the US-Mexico Border, which were undeserved in the area of Public Health.

2) Additionally, I published the research findings with my PI on contributions to Public Health Social Work students to their professions and communities (Publ. in Health Promotion Practice, Jan. 2020).

I also served as President of Parent Teacher Organization at Valley View Elementary school, Las Cruces in 2017 in which I organized and helped in fund raising events such as Science and Math night, Garage sales, communicating with parents and school authorities on various issues such as funds, safety, and learning activities of students,

The disorienting effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives and on economic activity have emotionally overwhelmed all of us. And, NMSU students are not exempt from the additional hardships during these pandemic times which, I am personally experiencing also. I am also working on an article Empathic Leadership during Covid-19: Distinguishing the Role of Cognitive Empathy” with my peers. If I am given the chance to serve as ASNMSU senator, I will work with utmost empathy and compassion to care for NMSU students and work diligently to help students overcome various obstacles they will be facing. Collaborating with various stakeholders on understanding students’ needs and conveying those concerns to appropriate personnel’s and authorities will be critical. With diverse education and experience to assist students in my previous roles whether as an educator, president of PTO, or teaching assistant; I possess, the leadership qualities, skills and devotion needed to work as Student Senator.

Tyson Nickerson

Saeedeh Naziri

I received my BSc and MSc degrees in civil engineering from Iran. I am PhD student and graduate researcher in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department right now.
This is my third year in NMSU as a graduate student and I predict two more years to finish my study here.
My major is geotechnical engineering and I am member of CBBG (Center for Biomediated & Bio-inspired Geotechnics). In this center, I am also a SLC (Student Leadership Council) member and try to manage the collaboration between geotechnical engineering students from NMSU with the other parts of the center. Moreover, I was the president of Iranian Student Organization recently, and tried to facilitate the communication between Iranian students and provide different events as much as possible.