Elections for Vice-President of the GSC – 29 October 2018

The GSC is accepting nominations now and the election will be conducted on 29th of October (next Monday) at the general meeting. Graduates students who are interested can e-mail the GSC president, Tara Young, at youngt92@nmsu.edu with your name. The duties and the responsibilities of the GSC VP are as follows;

  • Attending committee meetings (Also includes meetings that the President is unable to attend)
  • Upholding the duties of the president (When the president is unable to)
  • Chairing the finance committee (beginning at 4:00 p.m.)
  • Service on The Diversity Council
  • Serving on The Election Board (The E-Board)
  • Attending and helping for the GSC events such as Gradulicious and any other social events conducted by GSC. **Pay information: 5 hours (International students are only allowed to work for 20 hours. Domestic students are allowed to fill 20 hours GA positions and 5 hour GSC position with approval from Human Resources). **

All eligible graduate students are encouraged to apply!






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