Graduate Senators

Graduate senators represent graduate students in Associated Stuents of NMSU (ASNMSU). We currently have six (6) seats in the ASNMSU senate, half of which are up for election each fall and spring. The graduate senators can be reached as a group by email or individually:

Ehtesham Shareef,

Senator Ehtesham Shareef is a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. During his time as Senator, he has authored over 225 bills and appropriated over$250,000 towards NMSU Graduate Students. As a Senator, he is dedicated to improving the Student Life at NSMU. He has had the opportunity to serve the student body as the Vice President, President Pro Tempore and the Chairman of Senate Finance Committee for the 62nd Senate. During this time, he has drafted the legislation to increase the ASNMSU Senate Funding percentage to 70%, highest in the last 6 years. He has also drafted the General Appropriation Act 19-20, appropriating over $950,000 in student fees. Senator Shareef has also had the opportunity to serve the students as the Chairman of 61st Senate Rules Committee and is the recipient of the 60th Senate: Outstanding Senator Award. To help the Graduate students in Engineering avail ASNMSU services, he has helped form many organizations including ECEGSO and MAEGSO. He can be reached at

Omid Jafari

Omid Jafari is pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science. He has been a Graduate Senator since Fall 2019. Since then, he has helped many students get reimbursements for their research travels and publications. Besides being a senior senator, Omid is serving as the chair of the Credentials and Archives committee at ASNMSU. Omid chose this position with the goal of dedicating all his free time to serve the students he is representing and solving their student life issues. Students can always reach him at and expect a quick response.”

Jimoh Fatoki

Jimoh Fatoki is a second-year doctoral student in Management, College of Business, New Mexico State University, NM. He has Bachelor and Master of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He loves representing students in different capacities as well as engaging in community services. In 2015, he served as the Speaker of Student Representative Council in New Postgraduate Hall, and as a member of the Welfare Committee of the Student Union Government of the University where he actively worked with others to improve the welfare of students. Since getting into NMSU, he has participated in many students’ association programs. Jimoh is a versatile young man who keeps an open mind toward learning new things. He has leadership attributes and people skills required to work with others: hard work and dedication to duties, positive energy and right motivational approach to tasks, and innovative skills and ability to work in a team. Before embarking on the PhD journey, he worked as a Research Assistant at Lagos Business School in Nigeria, where he actively partook in the school’s operations management research unit. His research focus is in supply chain management and business analytics.

Naga Narendra Reddy Potlapalli

Naga Narendra Reddy Potlapalli is pursuing his PhD in Molecular Biology program. Over the course of his stay at New Mexico State University, he has helped numerous new Indian international students in figuring out several logistic and university related issues through his involvement with the Indian Student association, previously as treasurer and presently as a president. Before enrolling in his PhD program, he worked as a research associate in the fields of Vaccine development and cancer therapeutics. Apart from being a curious student, has represented the Aggies at The Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education(CABLE) which is a nationwide organization of 20 colleges and universities. He has a penchant to meet, greet, and interact with new people. Being a graduate student for more than two years so far, he believes the Student Government to be a great opportunity to showcase his leadership abilities and thereby make the Aggie grad life more exciting and colorful. In his spare time, you can find him playing cricket at the intramural fields or relaxing at a coffee shop and sipping his mocha.

Deblina Misra

Harmanpreet Kaur