GSC General Meeting 11/04/2020

GSC General Meeting – 04th November 2020

GSC General Meeting for 04th November 2020

***Calls to Order at 5:00 p.m. ***


a.President: Jonathan Ortiz

i.Student Advocacy Board

1.Potentially moving forward to change the way legislative lottery is offered to undergraduate students.

2.The Student Advocacy Board is also exploring submitting a bill that would allow for/require tuition for Graduate Assistants

ii.Diversity Council

1.President Floros presented on November 4th, gave Diversity Council a charge to look for ways to accomplish change on campus. Is currently asking for people to share their ideas


b.Vice President: Ashlerose Francia

c.Vice President of Activities: –

i.No report

d.Secretary: Ashley Wu

i.Reading and approving previous meeting minutes.

e.Treasurer: Angela-Faith Thomas

i.No Report


i. Senator Shareef.

1.A request has been made by Student Enrollment asking for funding from ASNMSU. The request is for replacing the presence website. The bill was initially denied, but it is currently being reintroduced again, itis now asking for a smaller amount of funding. The bill was initially denied because ASNMSU felt that they should not be the only ones providing the funding.

2.ASNMSU is in the process of approving putting lightnings outdoor. Specifically behind places like Corbett Center so hosting outdoor events are possible.

3.ASNMSU senator elections are going on.

2)Old Business

a.Reducing GSC General meetings

i.General meetings will be reduced to once a month; however, finance meetings will still happen biweekly and on the basis of funding bills needing to be passed. The same pattern for finance and general meetings will happening the Spring semester as well.

3)New Business


4)Open Forum

a.Exploring Diversity Committee

i.Treasurer Angela asks GSO for updates or interests in forming a committee within GSC.

ii.Astronomy GSO reports that their department has pushed for one of the bathrooms in their building to be gender inclusive. This was approved last year through facilities; however, changes are yet to be made.

b.Spring Break

i.Per the memo sent out by the Provost office, the Spring Academic Calendar has been changed. There will only be one day of Spring break, Tuesday, March 23. Three additional days will be added towards Winter Break, and students will also get Presidents Day off. Currently, there isnothing that GSC can do since the decision has already been made.

c.Research and Creativity week i.Research and Creativity week will take place from November 10 to the 13th.

***Adjournment: 5:17 p.m. ***

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