Graduate Student of the Month

What is the Graduate Student of the Month Award?
This award is given to recognize graduate students for their dedication to outstanding research and/or projects and service. Any NMSU graduate student can be nominated and reasons for nomination could include: a current or recently completed research project, special participation at a conference (such as an invited presentation or an award), or any other outstanding work deserving of recognition.

Who can nominate a graduate student?
Any students, faculty, or staff associated with NMSU may nominate one graduate student per month and self nominations are welcome. Each individual student may win up to once per year.

How do I submit a nomination?
Nominations should be submitted through the form at the bottom of this page. In the “Reason for Nomination” box be sure to list notable things the graduate student is doing or has done; this can include research, projects, notable service, etc. Please limit nominations to items within the past six months (ex. don’t nominate someone for something they did 2 years ago).

How will winners be chosen?
Winners will be chosen by a majority vote of the GSC Executive officers based on the details provided in the nomination. Selection criterion will include how nominees support the mission and value statements of NMSU and how well they represent NMSU Graduate Students and their work.

Is there any prize associated with this Award?
Yes! Winners will receive an NMSU mug and a $20 visa gift card. Winners will also be featured with their accomplishments and a professional photo on the GSC webpage and Facebook page.

When should I submit my nomination?
Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated monthly during the academic year. All nominations received on or before the Thursday before the last Tuesday meeting of each month will be considered for that month.


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