Financial Procedures Workshop

Below is the Critical tips to know about funding through ASNMSU / download here:

Who has to complete the FPW?

  • The FPW quiz must be completed by the president and treasurer of each organization. It is most helpful if you disseminate this information to your organization and pass along this tips sheet.

When do I have to do my volunteer hours by, and how many do I have to do?

  • In order to receive funding, you must complete 2 hours of on campus volunteer hours, and 2 hours of off campus volunteer hours for a total of 4 hours per every $3,000 of funding appropriation.
  • These hours must be completed the Tuesday at noon before the Community Affairs Committee Meeting.
  • Please speak with a senator to find out when this deadline is for you.
  • Please note that 25% of an organization must complete community service for organization based travel (when 4+ individuals are traveling).

What should I plan on paying for myself?/Is there anything ASNMSU does NOT provide funding for?

  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Tuition
  • Admissions tickets
  • Study Abroad
  • Visas

When do I have to worry about my refund being taxed?

  • After 90 days passes, your refund becomes taxable (If you work for NMSU).

When and where should I turn in my receipts?

  • Be sure to retain all of your original receipts until you turn them in to either the:
    • Fiscal adviser (currently Debbie Peel)
    • Comptroller
    • Assistant comptroller
    • Fiscal assistant
  • If you give your receipts to anyone else, they could be misplaced, and your paperwork will be set aside until you meet with one of the above people
  • You have until June 15th of each year to contact the comptroller for your reimbursement

Why do I have to provide my bank/credit card statement with my recipts?

  • To show that your purchases were not paid by NMSU and to prove that you actually paid for your expenses

What if I have already traveled, when should I request an appointment with the comptroller to process my reimbursement?

  • Three days after you return from travel if your bill is law AND/OR
  • When your bill is posted on the ASNMSU website