Administration Meetings

The GSC Executives serve as the voice for graduate students and their concerns on many administrative councils and committees. When issues from these committees effect graduate students this information is relayed to GSOs through their representatives at general meetings of the GSC. In order to formalize this transfer of information and provide a record of the meetings attended by GSC Executives, starting in spring 2017 we will complete this form for every meeting we attend and post it here.

Graduate Council 5-4-2017

Graduate Council 4-6-2017
ASNMSU Election Board 4-4-2017
Reimbursement Process Meeting with Debbie Peel and Matt Bose 4-4-2017
Campus Planning Committee 4-3-2017
ASNMSU Election Board 3-16-2017
ASNMSU Election Board 3-3-2017
Graduate Council 3-2-2017
Graduate Council Standards Committee 3-1-2017