About GSC

Mission Statement:

Representing and supporting the research, innovations, and teaching of graduate students at New Mexico State University.

Vision/Plan-Goals over the next 3-5 years (and what we can/will do to achieve them)

   1-3 years:

    • Streamlining online funding system
      • Jack McCoy is following up with ITC about this issue
    • Waiving distance education health and wellness fee
      • Tara Young is meeting with Dr. Burke and Dean Reyes about this issue 10/16/17
    • International student health insurance
      • Meeting and working on
  • Fair treatment of graduate students (equal representation on committees, GA mentor treatment and requirements)
      • GSC Exec will draft a set of GA mentor treatment requirements
      • Open communication that mistreatment can be brought to the attention of the GSC exec board who will bring it to the appropriate party (Graduate school, etc.)
    • Dean Reyes is working on a mentor training program

   3-5 years:

    • Tuition waiver stipends for graduate students (on hold via Fee Review Board)
    • Supporting the research mission of the university through securing more funds for graduate student research and research related travel
      • Continue to ensure that GSO’s re-charter as a graduate organization
  • Promoting formal and social networking and community amongst graduate students at NMSU
      • Continue having Gradulicious and GRAS and potentially incorporate other events
    • Integrate other outing

Additional Information:

GSC Executives:

The GSC Executives are elected annually at the end of the spring semester during a general meeting of the GSC. Beginning in the Fall of 2015, each of the Executive positions became a five (5) hour GA position paid by the graduate school. Graduate students interested in serving as a GSC Executive are encouraged to read the GSC Constitution and Bylaws (.docx version). and contact the current GSC Executives for details about the responsibilities of each position.

  • President: Sean Sellers, sellers@nmsu.edu
  • Vice President: Haley Stewart, hms@nmsu.edu
  • Secretary: Josiah Brooks, GSCSecretary@nmsu.edu
  • Treasurer: Raksha Gala, gsctreasurer@nmsu.edu
  • VP of Activities: Arezoo Samiei, arezoo@nmsu.edu
  • Webmaster: Sainikhitha Thooti,niki2502@nmsu.edu

Graduate Senators:

Graduate senators represent graduate students in Associated Stuents of NMSU (ASNMSU). We currently have six (6) seats in the ASNMSU senate, half of which are up for election each fall and spring. The graduate senators can be reached as a group by email or individually:

  • Ali Seyedkavoosi, akavoosi@nmsu.edu
  • Amer Radaideh, asnmsu_grad@nmsu.edu
  • Celeste Herrera, asnmsu_grad@nmsu.edu
  • Gaurav Jha, gjha@nmsu.edu
  • Gopal Tamang, asnmsu_grad@nmsu.edu
  • Ehtesham Shareef, asnmsu_grad@nmsu.edu